Friends of the J

Thank You!

Anonymous donors again matched new dollars given to this year’s Friends of the J campaign. They are the campaign’s highest donors, and their generosity and matching support inspires others to give. 

Thank you for building community with us!

The below list has been updated as of 1/17/18.
+ - Repeat donors
* Donated over $500

Friends of the J Raffle Winners have been announced! Click here for more.


Leonard Abrams +*

Rony Ackerman +

Lori and Houman Ahdieh +*

Albarell Electric, Inc. +

Lois Albright +

Janice and Jack Alhadeff

Stephanie Bennett +

Christine and Andrew Block +

Sheryl and Rance Block +

Wendy and Ross Born +*

Joan Brody +

Beverly Brown

Leslie and Victor Bunick +

Audrey Eisler Cherney +

Barbara Cohen +

Congregation Keneseth Israel +

Helen Cook +

Maxwell Davison*

Jennifer and Gregg Dietz

Emery Dudra +

Jan and Glenn Ehrich +

Lisa and Andrew Ellis +*

Iris and Jonathan Epstein +

Brenda and Ed Finberg +

Frances and Jay Fisher

Kathy Zimmerman and Peter Fisher +*

Tama Fogelman +*

Emily and Brian Ford +

Marjorie and Neil Forgosh +

Jen Fracas +

Lisa and Barnet Fraenkel +*

Emily and Ronald Freudenberger +*

Friendship Circle +

Monica and Henry Friess +

Carol and Stewart Furmansky +

Jeffrey Gevirtz +

Alyssa and Brian Goldberg +*

Andrea and Zach Goldsmith +*

Ina Goldstein +

Shari Spark and Mark Goldstein +*

Ellen and Lance Gordon

Aaron Gorodzinsky+

Elizabeth and Jeff Greenberg

Helen Greenberg +

Joan Lesavoy and Sidney Greenberg +

Patricia and Allen Gribben +*

Pamela and Vernon Guischard+

Leonard Gurvitz +

Bonnie and Bobby Hammel +*

Melissa and Harvey Hakim +

Carol and Barry Halper +

Phillip Heyman +

Donna and Mike Iorio +

Jean B. Weiner Foundation +*

Nancy and Andrew Kahn +

Audrey and Steve Kanoff +

Jane and Arthur Kaplan +

Alexa and Arthur Karakos +

Martin Katz

Phyllis and Jay Kaufman +

K.I. Sisterhood +

Susan and Mark Kolpon

Christine Gorigoitia and Hilary Koprowski +

Teri and Joshua Krassen +*

Lynda and Stuart Krawitz +*

Stephanie and Robert Kricun +

Roberta and Robert Kritzer +

Danielle and Josh Kroo

Fay and Michael Kun +

Ferne Kushner

Beth and Howard Kushnick +

Debra and John Lamont

Martha Lebovitz +

Monica and Martin Lemelman +

Elaine Lerner +*

Lisa and Rivky Lindauer +*

Jodi and Sam Lovenwirth +

Rebecca Lovingood +

Karla Lyle

Jean Mandel +

Jeanne Narkiewicz
   and Constantine Marcopul +

Ann Marie and Steven Markowitz +

Jane and William Markson +*

Jeannie and Holmes Miller +

Joy and Robert Miller

Linda and Mike Miller +*

Rill Ann and C. Steven Miller +

Malca and Eli Mond

Sarah and Thomas Morse +

Shelah and James Mueth +

Barbara and Thomas Mulligan +

Roberta and Jay Needle +

Sandra Newman +

Elizabeth and David Ng +*

Karin and Charles Nifong *

Marc Nissenbaum +*

Nadine Owens +

Jen and Gary Oxfeld +

Elaine and Leon Papir +

Joan Goldstein Parker and Alan Parker

Eve and Joseph Peterson +

Marjory Kramer and Rabbi Seth Phillips +*

Karen and David Piacquadio

Elaine Rappaport-Bass +

Luther Rhodes +*

Ilene and Michael Ringold +

Carole and Harry Rose +

Jodie Rosenblum

Nancy and Abraham Ross +*

Amy and Richard Sams +

Nolie Schneider

Susan York and Carl Schoenberg +

Lanethea Mathews-Schultz

      and Jonathan Schultz

Deena and Mark Scoblionko +

Justin Sheftel Memorial Fund +*

Judith and Larrie Sheftel +

Linda and Elliot Sheftel +*

Rachel and Andrew Shurman +

Linda Silowka +

Stephanie and Adam Smartschan +

Michael Smith +

Victoria and Yehuda Smooha +

Beth and Aryeh Spero +

Kaitlyn Stefanowicz +

Tracy and Matt Sussman +

Tama and Frank Tamarkin +*

Pam Lott and Ron Ticho *

Abby and Mark Trachtman +*

Eileen and Michael Ufberg +

Melissa and Matthew Unger +

Kimberly and Christopher Valuntas +

Susan and Marc Vengrove +

Ali Rasa Visram

Rebecca Wagner and Terrence Baker +

Peggy and James Waite +

Laurie and Robert Wax +*

Vicki Wax +*

Ellen and Benjamin Weinberger +

Sara Lou Whildin +

Carol and Robert Wilson +

Loretta Wiltraut

The Zieff Family Fund +

Valeska and Israel Zighelboim +*

Debbie and Leon Zoller + 

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