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Transition age until their second birthday
Must be able to walk independently, use a sippy cup, self-feed and take one nap a day

Young toddlers are constantly in the "explore and learn" mode.  They are eager to use their senses, be challenged, and learn to express themselves.  As a young child's world expands, a positive early childhood experience includes a special time to look, grow, feel, touch, learn, and love.  Teachers maximize opportunities to build new skills by being mindful of where the children are developmentally, what their interests are, and how they can be practiced through play.


2 years old by September 1st

Toddlers who receive high-quality care are more likely to become sociable, capable preschoolers who get along with others, demonstrate self-control, and love learning.  Two year olds are developing an emerging sense of individuality.  The teachers understand that children at this age are assertive and are aware of the "me and mine" syndrome.  The Toddler program is the introduction to the group experience.  One of the most important goals is to give each child a positive experience that will translate into a feeling of loving school.  Class activities support the development of life skills such as listening, sharing, following directions, and cooperating.

The Mazel Tots curriculum is based largely on the activities of daily living. When we refer to curriculum, we are referring to the environment, people, and routines, as well as, specific activities. First and foremost, the children in this age group learn trust.  They can trust and depend on their caregivers to meet their needs and keep them safe. The school’s developmental-interaction approach to first educational experiences stresses the importance of materials and development of social skills. The role of the teachers is to serve as facilitators of learning.

Mazel Tots Includes:

  • Stimulation in all domains of learning - social, emotional, intellectual and physical
  • Music Together® - Participation in an international music and movement program
  • Blocks, dramatic play and sensory experiences
  • Art activities done with non-toxic materials
  • Gym class with accredited gym teachers
  • Participation in the celebration of the early arrival of Shabbat as a school community
  • Flexible enrollment - Full or part time
  • Excellent communication between parents and teachers - Daily written reports for each child

To enroll or for more information about childcare and school, please contact the Early Childhood Education Office, at 610.435.3571.

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