Mad Science Camp

Embrace your inner astronaut and become a mad scientist at the J this summer. This week-long camp is for kids ages Kindergarten through 8th Grade. 

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NASA - Academy of Future Space Explorers
Set your future space explorers on a trajectory from Earth's atmosphere to the outer reaches of our solar system. This hands-on program will bring them closer to the stars, planets, comets, and more. Learn about living in space, getting away from gravity, looking for space phenomena, and participate in a rocket launch.

Matter of Fact
Investigate the ingredients of the universe. Build your own cube molecules, play alchemist by turning nickel into gold (well, almost), and use our secret formula to make your own mad science putty.

For more information about Mad Science Camp at the J, please contact Brenda Finberg at 610.435.3571 ext. 183 or

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