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JCC 2020 Annual Meeting

A Note From the President:

There is no doubt that 2020 will be remembered as a year of extreme challenges and remarkable change at the global, national, state, and local levels. A year that started with the momentum of our centennial celebration transitioned into a worldwide effort to mitigate the impact of a deadly virus. Like our community as a whole, the JCC's staff, board, and members have made a Herculean effort to adapt business models, provide services from afar, develop a safe reopening plan and, recently, resume some modified services. Effort alone is insufficient – results matter. This year, the JCC significantly reduced its debt and improved operations. Even remotely, the JCC offered services in response to our community's needs, yielding increased participation in Jewish and secular programming. The result of the JCC's work is a stronger, more closely knit community. I am tremendously proud of the JCC's response to these unprecedented challenges. I am tremendously grateful for the support that the JCC has received from our community.

A Note From the Executive Director:

Last year, we celebrated our Centennial anniversary, looking back to when our JCC was founded in 1918. This year, we again looked back to 1918 but for less celebratory reasons, remembering the Spanish Flu, which until now was the worst pandemic our community has faced. Yet out of this tragedy over a century ago, communities and institutions like ours rose up, filling an important need for social services, education, and health and wellness. In 2020, a year which saw many positive changes including a reduction of both our long-term debt and an improvement in our operating budget, we have been handed perhaps our biggest challenge yet. Our staff, board, members and community have risen to the occasion, finding new and creative ways to virtually engage individuals of all ages, and rapidly updating our operating procedures to reopen our facility in a safe manner after a three-month closure. While our current pandemic is far from over, we have no doubt that, like in 1918, we will emerge strong with a bright future ahead.

Year in Review Video

Download the 2020 Annual Report

Individuals who have completed their service to our board in the past year, or whose terms are now coming to an end:

  • Houman Ahdieh
  • Jay Fisher
  • Brian Goldberg
  • Susan Kolpon
  • Steve Mittman
  • Jonathan Schultz
  • Shay Shimon
  • Rabbi Michael Singer

Current board members for a 3-year term ending in 2023:

  • Joe Facchiano
  • Andy Kahn
  • Stuart Krawitz
  • Linda Sheftel
  • Ali Visram
  • Kathy Zimmerman

New board members for a 3-year term ending in 2022: 

  • Raquel Alvarez
  • Maccabee Levine
  • Mike Smith
  • Chris Valuntas

Presidential appointment of the following members to 1-year terms:

  • Elliot Busch
  • Jenny Hayden
  • Julia Urich

Officers with continuing officer terms: 

  • Brian Ford, President
  • Andy Kahn, Treasurer
  • Stacey Prohaska, Secretary 
  • Zach Goldsmith, Vice President
  • Mike Iorio, Vice President
  • Elsa Collins, Vice President

JCC of the Lehigh Valley Extraordinary Service Award Recipients:

Bonnie and Bobby Hammel
Stuart Krawitz

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