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Teacher Appreciation Week - Ode to the Teachers

by Lisa Yoskowitz

Ode to the Teachers

How do I pay tribute to the educators I love? I see them as gifts from heaven above.

And while I could “lump you all together” as others might do.

I choose to speak of you separately, and pay tribute to each one of you.

Miss Ashley Snyder: The youngest of children are who you care for. You’re kind, you’re patient, but so much more. You love them unconditionally and help to foster their growth. And in return they love you, as no one can loath, someone as passionate as you are about what you do. The infants do love you, yes this is true!

Miss Jessica Smith: Your expertise can be viewed by your years you’ve spent here. It is easy to see that your dedication is clear. You’re a calming force is a busy, busy room. Our families can see this, as their children bloom with all the care you give to them, it’s easy to see that you are a gem!

Miss Patricia Calcano: The Young Toddler room is no easy feat. They’re full of energy and so very sweet. But you make it look easy with your warm, sunny ways. It’s no wonder they love you each and every day.

Miss Haydee Rivera: You’re loving. You’re kind. You’re a true team player!  Your co-workers see you as a person with many layers – of love to give the children you teach. It’s no wonder each little one wants to reach - for you!

Miss Rachel Pollitt – Your teaching style is creative and fun. You take each lesson and then you run with the simplest idea that becomes exciting and new. It’s no wonder the children respond to you!

Miss Jennifer Horn – You look at the world through each child’s eyes. You develop their confidence, so there’s no surprise - that they rely on you when things get “tough.” Your core values shine through – that love is enough!

Miss Teresa Haase – Your gift as a teacher is that you listen with ease. Young children do need this and you make it seem like a breeze. Your calm, “matter-of-fact” ways make it easy to see, you’re the kind of educator we all aspire to be!

Miss Kathy Wentworth – Each child is different. This is for sure. You’re an expert on knowing all this and more.  You spend time with each one, learning their wants and needs. Just like the gardens you love, you’ve planted a seed.

Miss Cheryl Moritz – You’re a performer on stage and in the classroom too.  Your talents are not lost on your preschool crew. Your ability to create an environment like this, is a treat not to be missed. Preschool Room G is lucky indeed, and your vivid imagination holds the key!

Miss Debbie Weber –Two decades “plus” you’ve taught with love. You’ve seen so much and like the skies above, know life changes daily – but that’s okay.  For you change with the times, and adapt the way you play. The children know your sincerity – that is plain to see.  And we all know your dedication is the way to be!.

Miss Ally Wiener- Avraham – Although you’ve been here less than a year, you’ve taken charge and it is clear.  How strong an educator you truly are! Your classroom dynamics are the star of everything you do. You’re oh so busy with so many tasks, but you still manage to hide or mask how crazy life can be! You place the children first on your list, which translates into how you persist, with each and every day.

Miss Myrasia Flores – You’re fun! You’re young!  You have energy to spare! The children feed off of you because they know you care! You take time each day to make all lessons fun. Your sunny personality is second to none!

Miss Holly Hebron – Sixteen in Pre-K is not easy to do. But you make it look simple, your expertise shines through. You’re creative and fun! You’re mindful and caring! You make each child feel special, and that’s what I’m sharing. You see strengths in each one, when others might not care to. And that is the gift that absolutely is there!

Miss Carrie Batista – Your quiet ways are a calming force in a sea of personalities you never veer off-course. You listen, you coach, you teach, you mentor. It’s easy to see the children are the “center” of your world!

Miss Joanne Rothman - Your kind-hearted ways are evident and true. You love everyone (and we love you too!) The children know that they can depend on you - on good days and bad days, when there’s sun and when there’s rain. Your calming voice and thoughtful ways keep everyone sane!

Miss Ellen Gutman - You’re loud and funny. That’s just how you are. Your large personality makes you a star. In whatever classroom you’re in and that is a fact. Growing up at the JCC  has a tremendous impact!

Miss Peggy Waite - Your long history here deserves bragging rights. Your dedication, your love and support unites all teachers and families that have come to know you. For we know in our hearts there’s nothing you would not do!

Miss Ally Bernfeld - Flexibility is not easy, but you make it look so. You put all children’s needs first, so they can grow.  They thrive in your care. It’s so easy to see, you’re a “sub-extraordinaire” to the tenth degree!

So thank you my staff for all that you do!  I wish we could celebrate together, it’s true. But please know you have my heart, it’s easy to see, I’m the luckiest Director at any JCC! 

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