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5 Ways to Keep Your Day Camp Spirit on Track for Summer

With so much volatility and uncertainty overwhelming our kids’ daily lives, it’s important to keep them excited for all those fun activities they’ve been looking forward to, even if they have to happen a little differently than expected. We know how much of a drag it can be when plans you’ve been looking forward to for weeks, if not months, get cancelled. Everyone is in the same boat, whether it’s a rescheduled birthday party or family reunion. For many families, one of these seasonal staples is attending summer camp.

With all of this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of activities to keep your kiddos’ day camp spirit alive and well and that you can do right from your own home.

1. Go on a Nature Hunt

There’s nothing that feels more like camp than exploring the outdoors. Grab a jar with a few holes poked in the lid or a pencil and paper and go on an adventure at your local park or even your own backyard. If your kids enjoy a little competition, create a scavenger hunt and see who can find the most items on the list.

2. Tie Dye Something

Nothing quite evokes summer like tie-dye. You can even use food coloring and vinegar to create your very own tie-dye kit at home. Work with a friend (remotely of course) to design matching shirts you can wear next time you’re together.

3. Make Friendship Bracelets

What’s camp without gimp or friendship bracelets? Use beads, string, and other materials to create a unique bracelet, keychain, or other creation for your camp friends.

4. Create a Relay Race

Outdoor games are a must for camp. Create your own relay race using different obstacles or by combining tasks (like balancing an egg on a spoon). For added fun, see how long it takes you to complete the tasks then challenge your friends to recreate your course and try to beat your time.

5. Have an Ice Cream Social (Online)

Every camp kid knows the only way to end a camp day is with ice cream or ice pops. Grab some treats (or make your own if you have the ingredients) and video chat with your friends. Don’t have any frozen delights on-hand? You can make your own popsicles using juice and an ice cube tray.

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