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How to Face Your Fear of the Pool

by Sallie Smith & Susan Ritter, Swim Instructors

If you are afraid of water, you are not alone! 64% of all adults report that they are uncomfortable in deep water. An additional percentage says they will only stand in the shallow end of a pool or near the wall. 46% report that they are afraid in open water if they go beyond their knees.

Learning to swim strokes is not the answer. You need to be comfortable in the water. If you have tried to learn to swim in traditional classes or have tried to overcome your fear of the water and have been unsuccessful try our proven method - you will be learning how the water works and how to be in control of yourself in the water. Best of all you will be safe. Drowning does not occur because people can’t swim. It occurs because people don’t understand how to handle themselves in water, and how the water works with their bodies.

Join us as we both guide you through the learning process and make sure you’re comfortable every step of the way. The lesson will begin in the classroom each day where they will address your fear upfront before even getting into the pool. Communication is an essential step in fear therapy for both the instructor and the swimmer. Each participant will then recieve a customized lesson plan built specifically for them. This is the perfect workshop to get you started on the right path towards facing your fears.

Stop being the one who sits on the sidelines at the pool, in the ocean, on a boat, etc. - don’t let your fear stop you from enjoying yourself. Life is short. Time spent with family and friends is special time. Don’t be left behind. Do it for yourself and for someone you love!

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