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JCC Podcast

Ep 028 - Syman and Anita Hirsch

Syman and Anita have been married for 57 years. But, just like we've heard many times before, if it hadn't been for the JCC they might not have ever met.




Ep 027 - Carole Rose

Carole Rose has been active at the JCC for decades in many capacities including nursery school teacher, day camp director, and assistant to the JCC Executive Director. One of the memories she shares on this episode could be summed up with the phrase "out of the mouths of babes." Listen, and you'll see why.




Ep 026 - Wendy Born, Jacob, and Lilah

With all the work past President Wendy Born and the Born family put into the JCC to make it a special place, it was such a memorable experience the day Wendy got to carry Jacob (her grandson) in his infant seat through the front door of the community center for the first time. Jacob and his sister, Lilah, also share memories they've already made in their young lives at the JCC.




Ep 025 - Jeff (Jake) Greenberg

According to Jeff, "everybody back then lived, revolved, around the JCC." In fact, if it wasn't for the JCC, Jeff (Jake) might not have met his wife. They met at his 15th birthday party. Hear him talk about that, basketball, and more on this episode of our podcast.


Ep 024 - Jerry Hausman

Jerry Hausman's relationship with the Allentown JCC goes all the way back to when it was on 6th Street. Personal relationships, business relationships, lifelong relationships — Jerry has them, in large part because of the JCC.


Ep 023 - Brenda, Ed, Robyn, and Brad Finberg

The Finbergs' relationship with the JCC goes all the way back to 1984. Several generations, all intertwined in too many ways to count, you can almost guarantee you'll run into at least one Finberg any time you're at the "Center!"


Ep 022 - Susan Zimskind and Jane Markson

Best friends as a result of meeting on the JCC playground years ago, Sue and Jane talk about their friendship and the mutual love of their families.


Ep 021 - Joseph Facchiano

Is there a doctor in the house?

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