Sunday, 9/27 - Kol Nidre: The JCC will close at 5pm | Monday, 9/28 - Yom Kippur: THE JCC WILL BE CLOSED | Programs Currently Open: School, Camp, Group Exercise, Pool (reservation required), Squash (reservation required), and Fitness Center (reservation required) | All other programming will be offered online at this time. For details visit

JCC Podcast

Fitness Reopening Update

In our continued effort to safely serve our members, we are excited to announce that on Monday, August 10, the JCC will be entering the next phase of our reopening and will be opening the doors to our NEWLY relocated Fitness Center! We have heard you and we are working hard to relocate our Fitness Center from the lower level to the main floor in the spacious, Auxiliary Auditorium, which provides about double the square footage of the current Fitness Center.


JCC 2020 Annual Meeting

A Note From the President: There is no doubt that 2020 will be remembered as a year of extreme challenges and remarkable change at the global, national, state, and local levels. A year that started with the momentum of our centennial celebration transitioned into a worldwide effort to mitigate the impact of a deadly virus. Like our community as a whole, more»

Sports & Fitness Phased Reopening Plan

With Lehigh County "going green", we are actively working on reopening our sports, fitness and aquatics departments quickly and safely. This reopening will utilize a phased approach to ensure the safety of our members and staff, and also those participating in our ongoing child care programs this summer.


Camp JCC: Important Changes to Summer 2020 Program

We are writing to share information about changes to our summer camp program as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 situation. 


Teacher Appreciation Week - Ode to the Teachers

How do I pay tribute to the educators I love? I see them as gifts from heaven above.

And while I could “lump you all together” as others might do.

I choose to speak of you separately, and pay tribute to each one of you.


JCC at Home: Passover Edition

We've compiled a list of Passover activities, recipes, and more than you can do from home.


5 Ways to Keep Your Day Camp Spirit on Track for Summer

With so much volatility and uncertainty overwhelming our kids’ daily lives, it’s important to keep them excited for all those fun activities they’ve been looking forward to, even if they have to happen a little differently than expected. We know how much of a drag it can be when plans you’ve been looking forward to for weeks, if not months, get cancelled. Everyone is in the same boat, whether it’s a rescheduled birthday party or family reunion. For many families, one of these seasonal staples is attending summer camp.


Important Membership Update

We want to thank you for your continued support. As the COVID-19 crisis continues and we begin to learn more about the impact on our agency, we want to share some updates.

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