Currently Open: School, Camp, Group Exercise, Pool (reservation required) and Squash (reservation required) | Opening August 10: Fitness Center (reservation required) | All other programming will be offered online at this time. For details visit

JCC at Home: Recreation Programs


Lost Tribe Esports offers online tournaments for Jewish teens ages 13-18 through Discord, an instant messaging platform (similar to Slack), for online gamers. Join the Leigh Valley JCC Discord channel

Teens sign up via a custom link that leads directly to their JCC’s home base (it’s quick and easy). There, they socialize with peers from your community and find partners for gaming. They can also branch out to other channels within the Lost Tribe Esports server, connecting and gaming with Jewish peers from around the world.


We know everyone's missing out on their seasonal sports leagues. Here are some drills you can do at home to keep you at the top of your game.

Speed, Agility & Basketball Drills Playlist


Looking for a way to keep the kids active while you're stuck inside? Check out these fun games you can play at home.

Recreation Games & Activities Playlist


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