Our building may be temporarily closed, but we are open! The JCC is currently offering online programming. Learn more at lvjcc.org/JCCatHome.

JCC at Home: Fitness Programs


We will be holding live group exercise classes daily via Zoom calls. You can view our schedule as well as links to join the individual classes on our website at lvjcc.org/wellnessschedules. For more information about our virtual fitness classes, please contact Nolie Schneider, Fitness Manager at [email protected]. 


Looking to add something new to your workout? We will be posting daily instructional videos to our Facebook page.

Stretch Break: Lizard Pose

Stretch Break: Thread the Needle

Stretch Break: Figure Four Stretch

Stretch Break: Butterfly

Stretch Break: Spinal Twist

Stretch Break: Cross Stretch

Mountain Climbers

Overhead Extensions


Shoulder Press


Yoga Flow

Tricep Kickbacks

Walking Lunges

Leg Lifts

Toilet Paper Workout

Yoga Sun Salutations

Ab Crunches

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