Music and Movement

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Music and Movement are vital parts of any school program.  The value of these areas of a curriculum is seen in all domains of a child’s development – emotional, social, physical and intellectual.

In today’s day and age, children spend more time in front of a screen than they do moving around.  This is one of the leading causes of childhood obesity.  Childhood obesity has been linked to inactivity at home and in school.  School policies are changing to increase the amount of physical education included in a daily schedule.  It turns out that a child’s favorite part of their school day – recess – has as much benefit on their learning and well-being as language arts and math!  

Teachers who work with young children educate the whole child- not just the thinking and feeling aspects but also the moving part.  One way that can help a child keep moving is through music.  Music and movement are fundamental aspects of children’s play, so as they hear music they begin to move.  Children not only hear music, but also experience emotional reactions to it, and this motivates movement.

Using musical instruments is noisy and fun.  When first introduced, the children make noise.  The more they are exposed to different types of ways to make music, they learn a beat and a rhythm.  When working together in a group, they can play together and make music!

Making musical instruments at home is a great way to spend quality time with your children.  You will be making something together that can be enjoyed long after the project is complete.  Pots and pans make awesome drums and cymbals and paper towels tubes are great for shakers.


Making Music Shakers

Paper towel tubes, coffee cans, water bottles, etc. make great containers.

The sound the container makes will be determined by its contents. Try shells, sand, water, buttons, seeds, rice or pebbles.

Seal the container and decorate.

Play some music and march and dance away!!

All of Me

By Jessica McDonald


My hands are for clapping.

My arms can hug tight.

My fingers can snap

Or can turn on the light.


My legs are for jumping.

My eyes help me see.

This is my body

And I love all of me!




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