Looking Ahead at the JCC

Published Monday, July 17, 2017

At the annual meeting on June 11, JCC members elected new board members and the board elected new officers. Edited comments from a speech delivered by new board president, Kathy Zimmerman, follows. The full text of her speech is available here.

Like most of you, my relationship with the JCC started for very practical reasons. When my husband Peter Fisher and I moved to the Lehigh Valley, we needed a quality summer camp program for our children, Mark, Henry and Ben. Ten years later, our family enjoys the continued value of our membership in the JCC.


Turns out the JCC by-laws are a great resource for putting what is inspiring about the JCC into words. One of three key objectives is that the JCC should inspire “cooperation with all groups concerned with enriching Jewish community life.” The JCC is one of a very few places where Jews come together regardless of other qualifiers like observance, profession or politics. I think this is among the reasons that our board, our staff, and our members believe in the J; we view it as an essential partner in a vibrant and sustained Lehigh Valley Jewish community. The by-laws also direct action to “advancing the welfare of the entire community” through “promotion of good citizenship and community responsibility.” These words are timeless, and embody the best of American, Jewish and civic values. The JCC welcomes everyone and embraces members who are diverse in many ways.

We are all proud to contribute to an organization grounded in Jewish values with a distinct mission of making a positive difference for our entire community.

JCC Excitement

In 2018, the JCC of the Lehigh Valley will celebrate 100 years since its founding. We are determined that the JCC will continue to prosper for another 100 and beyond. The future no doubt holds challenges, and it will not look identical to the past, but we will be guided by timeless values and enduring objectives stated in our by-laws. We are excited for the future and look forward to working toward all that is possible for the next century in partnership with others in our community.


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