JCC to Host Fall Open House This September

Published Monday, June 12, 2017

Ever read through a program guide and wonder what that GROUPx class will really be like or who the instructor of that art course is? The JCC is looking to bridge that gap  and let members and community get to know the upcoming fall programming in a more intimate setting.

The Fall JCC Open House will be the first time all departments and programs will be represented in one full day of fun. Meet and greet with other members of the community, get to know our staff and instructors, and learn firsthand which programs best fit your needs and schedule.

There will be something for everyone. Find out more about our award-winning early childhood education program. Kids will be able to pick their favorite after school enrichments while enjoying snacks. Adults can peruse the variety of programs that we will be hosting including standards like JGames and Yiddish Club and bringing back some favorites such as JGourmet and JArts.

If you’re looking to keep that summer body toned through the fall and winter, look no further than our Fitness and Aquatics departments. Instructors and teachers will be on hand to give demoes and answer any questions. If you missed our introduction day into the new JSeals aquatics program, feel free to stop in and learn what level you would fit in. GROUPx and fitness classes vary in difficulty so being able to see those in person will help guide you to pick the right class.

Recreation for the fall is jam-packed with so many exciting opportunities. Basketball, squash, and pickleball will all have classes and games running. Children looking to join an afterschool sports program with their friends from the J have many options including flag football, soccer, and basketball.

Theater buffs will be pleased to see Stagemakers hosting open auditions for their winter performance of Alice in Wonderland Jr. In order to be ready for any audition, the J also will be offering private acting and coaching throughout the fall. The class is sure to prepare anyone looking to audition for stage, film, and television work. Pair this with voice or instrument lessons with our qualified staff and your child will be set for any performance opportunity.

The JCC will also have open a Red Cross Blood Drive so volunteers can feel free to donate.

Complimentary popcorn and snow cones will be available throughout the day so make sure to pop on by and “Just Try It!”

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