“Queen of Tiny Living” to Speak at the JCC

Published Tuesday, October 4, 2016 8:00 am

When Felice Cohen’s video on how to live in a small space went viral, people wanted to learn more about how she managed to live in such a tiny apartment. The video, which was published on YouTube in 2010, now has surmassed over 12.5 million views and counting. After spending six years in the 90-square-foot New York City apartment, Felice decided to pen a book on her experience.

As she told the New York Post, “Living in that tiny space made my life so much bigger. My book is about living the life you want in whatever size you choose - it’s not just about learning to live smaller, but smarter.”

In the video, Cohen says she spent about $700 a month to live at 103 W. 70th Street. She chose the studio space after realizing her neighbors’ apartments were an average of $3,600 a month.

“Organizing the space was a challenge, but one I was happy to take on. The woman before me had furniture everywhere, so I just cleared it out and knew that you had to go up when organizing in New York City so that’s what I did.”

By living in such a small space, Cohen was able to save enough money to buy a bigger place in the same neighborhood for under $300,000. Cohen grew up in a large house, but eventually came to find comfort in the small. Living in a smaller apartment forced Cohen to learn what is essential and what can be let go.

“For the most part, we don’t even wear half of what we own anyway, so I’m always going through and seeing what I can get get rid of.”

She has also written a book about her maternal grandfather who is a Holocaust survivor called “What Papa Told Me.” It’s the story of a young Jewish boy whose courage and will to live helped him survive eight labor and concentration camps.

Felice Cohen will be at the JCC of the Lehigh Valley on October 30th to speak about her experiences and her books. This is the first event of a new Author Series at the J which will bring writers in to share their stories and discuss their books.

Felice has been featured on a variety of networks and shows such as Good Morning America, NBC, CBS, Fox5, and NPR. This event is co-sponsored by the Holocaust Resource Center.

The books of each author speaking will be on sale in the Art Gallery before the event so you can get your copy signed. Reserve your spot today.

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