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Ep 019 - Amy Miller Sams

Now married and with two daughters, Amy grew up at the JCC. It's been a constant in her life. She talks about a special chair — meaningful to her and her daughter that can be found under the stage. When Amy was a teen, her Mom and Dad were thrilled she spent so much time at The J. Although, they weren't quite sure as to the reason. Amy tells you in this episode.


Ep 018 - Mike Miller

Mike and Linda have wonderful memories of the nursery school with their daughters, family camping at the camp site, and hundreds of events they've attended at the JCC. Even though Mike's background is in finance, it's an investment of another kind he's now appreciating — relationships. He enjoys spending time with friends he's known for decades, along with newer members too, as he remains very active in the JCC.


Ep 017 - Linda Miller

Linda and her family's involvement with the JCC goes back generations — even before she was born! Her grandfather, Hyman Rockmaker, was one of the founding members of the JCC of Allentown and served as its 4th President. She shares decades of memories, including the day camp, #SwimmingIsFun with Dennis McGinley, and even one she never told anyone before! Linda, her husband Mike, and their entire family remain very active members in the community.


Ep 016 - Billy Markson, Rich Morse, and Their Bike Group Quiz

For the past five years on nice Sunday mornings, this group has gotten together to ride their bikes, share some conversations, and camaraderie. Some in this group have nicknames, some don't. Want to ride with them? They'd love to have you join them, especially for this event coming up in May. You'll need your own bike, but they'll be happy to provide you with a nickname!

Looking to join the group and make some memories of your own? Join us for the JCC's Centennial Bike, Hike, and Run happening at Camp JCC in Center Valley on Sunday, May 27.


Ep 015 - Alexa Karakos and Sonia Davis

If you listen to a few podcast episodes you might think it's all just fun and games at the JCC. Guess what? Most of the time you'd probably be right! Alexa Karakos and Sonia Davis tell of a recent carnival where they dressed up as Mr. and Mrs. Zuckerman from Charlotte's Web.


Ep 014 - Nolie Schneider and Terrence Baker, Part 2

Back again, and this time each dressed as themselves, Nolie and Terrence recall a particular year of silly mishaps. Did Coach T really have a charley horse? Or did he simply trip and fall? Listen, and tell us what you think!


Ep 013 - Nolie Schneider and Terrence Baker

Umm ... we're not even going to attempt to explain this photo! You'll just have to listen to understand. Despite the looks from this picture, these are 2 of the JCC's finest! Terrence, aka Coach T, the Sports and Wellness Director, and Nolie, the Fitness Manager tell of a Purim tale that involves a beard, yoga pants, and a tattoo.


Ep 012 - Marc Nissenbaum

Like a scene from a Hollywood movie, it all boiled down to the very last ball — of the last frame — of the last game, with everyone gathered around in anticipation. Marc recounts this story of his father, Lester Nissenbaum, captain of his bowling team in the 1950s. It's stories like this that will live on forever, thanks to the JCC and this podcast.

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