On Sunday, June 17 the JCC will begin operating on a summer hours schedule. Please visit lvjcc.org/hoursanddirections for a full list of summer building and pool hours.

Pre-K through 12th

Please see our Program Guide for the most recent class times and pricing.


The new JLounge is our after school program designed for children in Kindergarten through 5th grade. We offer children an age appropriate schedule of creative, fun and exciting activities that take place in a warm and nurturing environment. Whether it is helping your kids with their homework, playing sports in the gym, or hanging out with their friends, the JLounge provides a multitude of activities for your child to enjoy after school.


Soccer Shots® (4 - 11 years)
Soccer Shots® is a nationally recognized program that teaches young children the values of cooperation, sharing, sportsmanship, and teamwork, all the while providing them with an age-appropriate introduction to the fun and exciting game of soccer!

Jr. Pickleball (7 - 12 years)
Join Coach T as we learn to play on of the fastest growing sports in the country. Pickleball is a combination of tennis, badminton, and ping pong. The game is played with a paddle and a wiffle ball on a short court. No prior experience is necessary.

Jr. Squash (8 - 16 years)
Our popular Jr. Squash program, led by JCC head instructor Eric Boyer. Coaches will provide training and play for participants with each session focusing on critical elements of the game. Hours will be based on player ability level (Gold, Silver, Bronze). New players’ levels will be determined by the coaches. Players will play similarly skilled opponents until they feel ready to move up levels.


Students will look at different types and shapes of masks or mold one of your own face. Once they have decided on the type of mask they want the children will trace masks elements from photos then combine these elements to start creating their mask. They will convert their drawing into a 3D model using plaster strips and finishing up with paint and decorations.

Baking & Decorating Cupcakes
Learn to make tasty treats with flavors from around the world. This class will teach techniques for making the fluffy, delicious fairy cakes with yummy icing.


Private Acting and Auditioning Lessons 
Learn the craft and business of acting and auditioning for the stage, film, and television work. Gain self-confidence and find your own unique voice. Instructor: Naomi Schachter

Piano, Guitar & Drum Lessons (K - Adults)
30 minute lessons made by appointment.
No two students learn exactly the same way, nor do they always share the same goals as musicians. Because of this fact, Jeff utilizes a big-picture teaching method that combines weekly private music lessons and each person's individual goals with a dynamically tailored course of study to optimize the student's goal achievement and develop both confidence and musicianship. Instructor: Jeffrey Bowers

Voice Lessons (K - Adults)
30 minute lessons made by appointment.
Students will learn proper vocal technique through personalized instruction, fundamental singing exercises, and expansion of vocal music repertoire. Instructor: Nick Conti


For more information about our SPORTS PROGRAMS, please contact Terrence Baker, Director of Recreation, at 610.435.3571 ext. 140 or tbaker@lvjcc.org.

For more information about our AQUATICS PROGRAMS, please contact Jodi Lovenwirth, Director of Aquatics, at 610.435.3571 ext. 118 or jlovenwirth@lvjcc.org.

For more information about our ARTS PROGRAMS, please contact Brenda Finberg, Children and Family Services Director, at 610.435.3571 ext. 183 or bfinberg@lvjcc.org.

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