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Dear JCC of the Lehigh Valley Community,

The JCC has served as the gathering place for the Jewish community in the Lehigh Valley for close to 100 years. Informed by Jewish values, JCCs are open to all and provide connection and community for anyone who seeks it. It is through our programs and services that we create a welcoming, inclusive, and diverse environment. It is the very nature of who we are, and the great diversity of those we serve, that draw attention to our work and our mission.

That mission is one we should all be proud of, and our pride should never be replaced by fear.

We stand firmly against hatred of any kind.

We are grateful that we have served generations through universal values, and we will continue to do so. We join our colleagues throughout the country in celebrating Jewish life and opening our doors wide for the entire community to participate. We wake up each day committed to ensuring that everyone, of every background, has access to the programs and services we offer.

This moment is not just a Jewish moment. This is a cultural moment, in which we are challenged to stand united against hatred and discrimination. This is an opportunity to work for our shared values: freedom, safety, and equal rights for all. We invite you to take action and join us and  other JCC's around the country. All it takes is one call to your local representative. Tell them that we must do everything to put an end to this hate. Learn more about the One Call Movement here.

Be part of this very special place – this special family – and you will see our community is unique, resilient, and always hopeful and strong. Thank you for being part of the JCC of the Lehigh Valley.


Jeff Rembrandt

Executive Director

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